Run the Circulator 24/7 or on Demand?

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Post By: hotblast1357 » Mon. Nov. 02, 2015 5:13 am

well ive been lit since 9/26, and I ran the pump 24/7 for about a week or so, and decided it was a no go, it was making the combustion fan come on way to much wasting coal, so I got it wired up so that the pump only comes on when I have a call for heat with either the house furnace fan or the garage modine, and it is working great, I still do not have any zone valves so everything is wide open, and everything is gravity flowing which is awesome because it is keeping my system pretty mellow not causing it to trigger the dump zone that often, maybe once a week if its really warm out side, above 60. and the house is staying warm due to it gravity flowing, it is also making the duct work gravity flow keeping the house above the t'stat set point of 72 most of the time. I don't mind using window stats now and then lol

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