A Tale of CO and Lessons Learned

This forum is for common products and questions such as chimney installations, CO detectors, coal bin designs and a variety of other general topics that do not fit into the other forums.
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Rick 386
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Stoker Coal Boiler: AA 260 heating both sides of twin farmhouse
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Post Sun. Feb. 02, 2014 10:50 pm

Just read through all 3 pages.

A MOD WHO CAN'T STAY IN THE 1 MATCH CLUB ????? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS FORUM COMING TO ???? I say fire his ass !!!! Just kidding.

I think at 1 time or another we have all become complacent at the wrong time. I guess you know the limit of your boiler now, don't you ???

Glad to hear everything worked out for the best. We still need you here.

Now if your wife wants to do that salmon again, I volunteer to come down to monitor the draft gauge while you and her turn on every fan in the whole house. And I'll bring my recipe for smoked salmon so I have something for the ride home............

Today I received a call while I was at work that the garage at the house had a real nasty odor inside it. Had the kid check the pipes and the hopper lid to see if there was condensation on it. Nope everything was fine. I just told him to open the windows until I could come home to thoroughly check things out. I believe the issue is having both burners on the HYfire II running when it got so damn warm outside today. I don't have a tall chimney and it was just idling too much. And I had also turned down the minimum to barely keep a fire. Even at the minimum, the garage temp was 58 and the thermostat is set to 55. I upped the min a little to get a little more heat in the chimney. There is really nothing in the garage except for 2 cats which reminds me to go check on them.....

Master of "Trial and Error."

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Post Tue. Feb. 04, 2014 6:14 pm

michaelanthony wrote: lately I have been toying with starting a thread "Pictures of you C.O. detectors" what do yah' think?
I think that would be a great idea. Protecting our families should be top priority! I'm ready to post, when you're ready.
Wisdom comes from experience. I'm still working on it :)

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