Coaltrol Power Switch

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A friend of mine has a Hitzer model 710 hot air furnace with a coaltrol from the factory. He had a problem with to much fly ash build up in the stack, lost draft and had to shut the unit down due to high co level. The power switch failed because of loading the hopper with wet coal and the moisture dripped on the switch that is mounted on the top of the fan blower housing. I had to bypass the switch to get the unit back on line, since it is his only source of heat. Can you possibly supply a new switch or can I buy one from Newark electronics. I did not have time to get the data off of the switch. I have a first generation coal trol on my Alaska stove. Is it the same switch and can I use the info. on that switch to buy a new one. I am going to make a cover assy. to protect the controller.

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Hi George,

If you call the shop (315-299-3589) we'll be able to supply you a new switch for a small cost. Normally it would be covered by warranty, but since it was due to water damage and shorting it is beyond the scope of warranty. Unfortunately I do not know if we have changed the switch since the "first generation" coal-trol. I suspect we have not, but some items, such as the fuse holder, have changed so it is possible and I'm not remembering.

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