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Post Tue. Nov. 19, 2013 6:47 pm

[quote="Freddy"] I liked the idea someone had of making any new ducts go in the wall & down rather than in the floor.
My friends home has returns in the floor cavaties running across the basement ceiling. No ducts, just has a reflective cardboard across the floor joists. Smart idea in saving money.

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MudFlapLip wrote:
michaelanthony wrote:No worries folks, all the credit goes to the forum and those before me. Keep up the good chatter though, that is when you stumble across your solution! :)
Yup exactly! I would've struggled big time with a lot of things had I not found this forum. Lots of info and decades of experience and advice from others.

Same here. I've only been on here a little over a week and learned that the coal fired hot water heater I have , that I was thinking of hooking up in the basement, may crack if I use it without water to the jacket. Glad I found that out before I fired it up. That little bity of info may have saved another old stove !!!!


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