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Hi everyone I have read some posts on here about this topic, and I still have a few questions. My dad recently bought a Keystoker GT Comfortaire, this stove will be going into a basement. My parents built a new home and never put in a chimney, there is a propane fireplace in the living room. Now my dad decided to get a stove for in the basement, and use a power venter. Here are my questions- should he use a tee where the pipe comes out of the stove? Currently there is an elbow on the back of the stove where it comes out. Second he is going up about 6-8' in height with four inch stove pipe. Then he is thinking about getting a square piece of Terra-Cotta pipe and put it through half of his basement window. Then he is going to run his stove pipe through the Terra-Cotta pipe and pack it with insulation. Will this be okay or must he get this thimble type device everyone talks about? Thank you for the help!

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A TEE might be easier to mount and for cleaning out the pipe, you may even put one at the top where it transistions to horizontal too. I will hooking mine up very similiar and there are other doing the same with Keystoker Power Vent.

The TerraCotta Piece thru the window should work with insulation. You could also use the double wall pipe thru the pipe (Simpson DuraVent Type) for the transistion. I think anything that is NON Combustable should work around your window and check your piping recommended clearances. At our old house, we had a 6" collar transistion down to a 4" pipe with only a 1" air gap thru our outside wall.

Here is how I am going to pipe mine up.
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One small but important item to add to the discussion: Since the power vent pressurizes the pipe make sure you seal all the joints! Keystoker recommends high temp silicone. I would use that and aluminum duct tape.

Wherever the clean out is it has to be resealed each time you access it, or it becomes a potential leak. :sick:
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