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Post Fri. Dec. 07, 2007 1:42 pm

This is one 'enviro' that is convinced here! Think about it , when you burn heating oil your adding a little less CO2 then coal, but look at what it takes to retrive, refine, and transport it. First they have to drill miles underground to find it, pump it out and transport via ship, pipeline(they have to heat the stuff in Alaska in the pipeline just to move it) etc. Just refining the stuff uses alot of energy, then get it to you!
Coal does have to be mined and broken and hauled. But most of this is mechanical, and does use some energy. But my guess is far less then producing oil. :o
Coal has a bad rep , mostly because of it's younger cousin, bit! :cry:
I wonder if anyone has done a true enviro impact of green house gases of the different fuels?
I'm sure that natural gas would win, but I bet anthracite coal used for home heating would beat out oil!

When I build a new home someday, it's gonna 'solar' with a coal/wood backup system! :D

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one thing I can say with authority is when all the wood burners on my mountain compete for highest smoke output there is a lingering smoke cloud at about 1800 feet. It is a noticeable haze that can't be good for the air quality down in the village. My house produces zero smoke. You could stare at the chimney for a week and never know if the coal is burning or not. I'd rather smoke out the polar bears than my neighbors.

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Anthracite Is the second cleanest burning fossil fuel there is The first is N.G. All of the talk about coal being bad for the enviornment is BIt coal the Problem is most The Feds Reps And the states Reps do not know the Differents between them Plus there is alot more Bit in the ground then there is Anthracite Bit is what the industry all use very little Anthracite is used Most of the Anthracite that is burned is for home heating Somewhere on this forum there is a thread about all of this I will try to find it Anyway keep warm everyone :)

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Global warming fooie,Al Gore is a hipocrit,preaching global warming after stepping off of his private jet then traveling in his Cadillac Escalade suv.Sorry but I will not freeze for the betterment of his bank acct.still burnin'.ash from stoker is about 12% by my quesstimate havent weighed yet .

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