Pounds Per Day Used?

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Post Sat. Nov. 22, 2008 8:56 pm

I've been tracking my usage as well, so far same as last year. With temps avg. @ 30's daytime and nights @ teens and 20's I'll rip through less than 50lbs per cycle. I'm on track to use 2-1/2 tons again this heating season. With costs per ton increased.....I will estimate an increase this season of $30 dollars...US. :D

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Post Sat. Nov. 22, 2008 11:10 pm

It is presently 12 degrees so it this will be a good test for my new boiler. Now if we could crank up a 15-20 mph wind...

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Post Sat. Nov. 22, 2008 11:53 pm

It is 14F here with a 15 MPH wind, the baro is open all the way and the thermometer on the stove is sitting at 550 degrees. In these conditions the stove is using about 50-60 lbs per day.

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Post Sun. Nov. 23, 2008 6:31 am

I have used about 80 lbs. a day(by the bag)of chesnut for the past 7 days. heating at least 3000 sq.' counting the basement of an old farm house.
We have had temps overnight in teens and in 20's daytime with a few days hitting low 30's
No real snow yet but too much wind for me! :(

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Post Sun. Nov. 23, 2008 7:52 am

-5 degrees this morning had my stoves set on 2.5 overnight 68 degrees in house when I woke up. probably will be close to 50 lbs in 24 hours with this cold.
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Post Sun. Nov. 23, 2008 8:17 am

It's interesting to read what others are consuming for coal. It's been windy and cold (below 20 nights to 32 maybe days) for the last week or so. I have a VC resolute and Vigilant at the ends of an "L" shaped farmhouse with small fans blowing into the main house. 1700sq ft. on the first floor, only the upstairs hall. bath and one bedroom have doors opened , other bedrooms are closed (kids are gone).

I've used an average of 55-60 lbs/day in the last 8 days. If I stoke and rev up the stoves at 11PM (surface tems at 450) the house cools off to around 66deg by 7AM, surface temps drop to about 350. I reload and shake before work, house stays pretty much 70 days, partial shake down at 5Pm and rev them up for the night again at 11. That's my routine, for now, colder weather will need another tending.

I haven't burned these stoves since the mid 80's, before I put on the addition L, so now I'm heating more 1st floor area, but have more 2nd floor rooms closed off. Used to burn 4+ tons in the old days, will have to see how it goes this year.

I've re-learned a lot on these forums after a 20 yr break from coal burning, I put baro dampers on both stoves and they burn way more steady.

I'm using PEA coal. The only thing I miss is the Lehigh Vally coal I used to get delivered in bulk made way less ash than the Reading bagged I'm using now.


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Post Sun. Nov. 23, 2008 7:06 pm

I started up the new AA130 on Oct. 20 and have used 1 ton of Superior pea coal as of Sept. 20. The first 2 weeks were warm followed by cooler then cold days and nights. The last 5 days were highs in the upper 20's and lows about 10 above to 1 below. I am located in a narrow valley about an hour drive south of Syracuse NY. I have a well insulated house about 3200 sq. ft. including heating a non insulated 200 sq. ft. greenhouse.

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Post Mon. Nov. 24, 2008 12:01 pm

I am burning a jotul tying to heat 1060 sq. ft. of space. I am running the stove at 100 percent 24/7 with a stove temp of 575 degrees. The stove is eating 70-80 pounds of coal per day. I refuel the stove every four hours.

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Post Fri. Jan. 09, 2009 11:38 pm

Burning 80# per day of Reading bagged coal heating a 1950 split level (1400 sq. ft.) with moderate insulation.

I figure that I will use 5 tons of coal this heating season at $325 a ton.

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Post Sat. Jan. 10, 2009 10:57 pm

I don't think I ever replied to this thread. I am in SHOCK at some of these numbers.

I am burning thru 30 lbs ish every 24 hrs heating 1150 downstairs and 1150 upstairs AND an attached garage. When its 30 out that keeps the upstairs and basement at about 70.

When it gets colder than that.. I burn a LITTLE wood in my masonary heater instead of cranking up the coal stove.

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Post Sun. Jan. 11, 2009 7:52 pm

I estimate I go through 62lbs in 24 hours. I am heating a 2500 sq.ft farmhouse built in 1850. Attic insulation is poor. I am burning So.Tamaqual coal, using radiant heat, and passive heat transfer to the 2nd floor via floor louvered vents. House temp averages ~68, obviously much warmer (70s/80s) in main rooms where stove is located. Also have oil heat (not ever used) and dual zone electric heat pumps (used sparingly). Overall, I am satisfied with coal at $220/ton delivered.
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Post Sun. Jan. 11, 2009 8:47 pm

Alaska Hand fired Kodiak heating a bout 1900 sqf + basement of about a 100YO Farm House in Central MA (House burned in the early 1900 we were told, re-built to the same foot print sans the 2 fireplace that were there) We did blow in insulation 9 years ago and new windows all around about 3 years ago. Temps haven't gotten over 25 in the last 2 weeks (it did rain 1 day and got to 30) closer to 10 at night
Been using about 50-60lbs a day.
I still have the oil fired steam system on, set to 66 during the day and 63 at night. It comes on in the morning (temp drops to about 64-65 when coal stove runs low) other than that it only fires to keep the water hot in the system (have propane HWH)
Still learning the coal and I think if I move the booster fans further into the ducts (they are attached to the plenum over the stove right now) it will push more heat into the house. House temps run between 68 (where I'm comfortable, a little cooler on the 2nd floor for sleeping) and 71. Until I can maintain a 65-66 min I don't feel comfortable shutting down the oil so I guess some of my heating dollars is still going overseas :taz:

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Post Fri. Jan. 16, 2009 1:19 pm

14 degrees outside 74 inside
Burning about 40-45 lbs a day during this cold snap 1200 sg ft
less than good insulation
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Post Fri. Jan. 16, 2009 2:17 pm

Neg. 6 this morning, when this cold burning approx. 70 lbs per 24 hr period. Stove room 80's, rest of downstairs 67-69, upstairs 61-63, two story colonial 1700 sq ft. no vents installed (but I should).The stove is a trooper, just keeps chuggin along. Harman DVC-500. Have used total of 2-1/3 tons thus far (oct. - current) Located in nepa.

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Post Fri. Jan. 16, 2009 6:37 pm

-12 this morning when I got up.house is 24x48,stove in the basement so I am heating twice that.coaltrol set at 75 and burning about 50lbs a day....i love not hearing that oil furnace running :)

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