Harman Coal Stove Magnum Stoker Maintenance?

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I recently experienced a problem with my stove where it seemed to be labored in pushing the coal. I reviewed my manual, took the hopper and motor off as indicated and attempted to clean the push block. The manual indicates that I can completely remove the push block. I attempted to do this however the push block seems to be getting stuck at the rear most area of the housing. I took extra care in cleaning the coal dust and debris from the area, sprayed it with WD-40 and it is still getting jammed in the housing. Of course the manual tells you to contact your local dealer for maintenance but I'm stubborn. This isn't rocket science but I guess I'm just looking for some tips or suggestions from anyone who has experienced this in the past. I'm confident that there was an excessive buildup in the push block area causing my initial problem so once I get the push area cleaned my problem will be solved. That is if I can get the darn thing out? Your responses are greatly appreciated so thanks in advance!

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did you remove the allen screw that holds the feed indicator plate? this screws into the block. without removing it the block will never come out.
what do you mean " it wont light"

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I bet that is the problem....When I did my first cleaning of the Mag..I had it all apart..and tried to remove the pusher block..would go back so far and stop...once I seen the feed indicator move I know I was a dummy...had to remove the feed pointer on the side and block came out no problem...

I cleaned out the pusher area..applied a very thin coat of hi temp silicone brake assembly grease and reassembled and worked great...that is my spring regime now..


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That one got me also the first time I cleaned out under the pusher block. Guess that will only happen once. LOL
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First of all thank you for your immediate replys. Yes I did remove the feed indicator plate and it still refuses to come out?? I actually had the push block all the way forward to the burn area where the coal gathers but it just refuses to come out the back where the motor is mounted. Believe me, I followed the instruction manual and triple checked it for removal. I don't know what is holding it back?

After several more attempts I figured I'm better off leaving it alone and I cleaned the block and the push area the best that I could. I put it back together and WOW what a difference already. The stove is burning perfectly. I will definitely make this my spring regimine as well.

If anyone else has any other ideas to remove the block I still appreciate your responses. I will make a second attempt in the spring.

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Does the block seem to 'wedge' and jam when pulled back?? Maybe you will have to remove the stoker assembly from the stove. Remove the hopper and lift the block out the top instead of sliding it out the back.

It is possible that the two side 'guides' that the block runs between taper to a too narrow gap near the back of the block's travel. This could be caused by a slight manufacturing error, or by rust on the metal, or paint too thick on the guides....?

This is the only thing I can think of.

By the way, welcome to the forum!!

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