Hot Air of Stove Into Which Plenum of Oil Furnace?

A Coal stoker furnace or stove controls most operations including automatically feeding the coal. They are quite similar to any conventional oil and gas units and easily operated for extended periods of time. They commonly use rice coal but may use larger sizes like buckwheat. They can be used as primary heat, supplementary heat or have a dual set up with your existing oil/gas furnace.
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Thanks for all the replies and pictures. I ended up staying out of the plenum after reviewing WNY's recommendations. I will post some pictures shortly, but here's a summary of what I did:
8" Stovepipe off the top of the Keystoker output into an 8" galvanized Tee just below my floor joists. In one direction, I plan to put an short 8" run which is presently blocked off, into the wall above the man door enterance from my garage so I can push heat into my garage (when needed). In the other direction, I reduced down to 6" (galvanized) and have a 15' run that Tee's into an existing run from my propane furnace. From the same 15' run I place another Tee and jumped into a joist cavity where I've run some oval stack (another 15') to get above my wiring and jumped back down below (converting back to 6" galvanized) the joist to Tee into 2 additional existing runs from my propane furnace. Using a series of manual dampers to close off the furnace runs and to balance the system, I've now got a perfectly balanced system pressurized by the 500CFM fan on my keystoker. I have a 2200+ sqft Colonial - now heating completely with the Keystoker, two runs on the first story and one run on the second story - all with great volume of warm air output. My first story is currently 70* during the day and second story hangs around 68-69*, plus our hardwoods on the first story are about 15* warmer than before there was any heat to the basement radiating from the Keystoker. I let it kick down a few degrees at night, and we leave the bedroom doors (all on the second story) open to allow the heat to flow into the rooms. My propane furnace is still there to supply some quick heat on cold mornings and to humidify the air when the humidistat calls for moisture. The only down side of me avoiding the furnace all together is now I'm not filtering the air that's pulling from the basement floor. I'm looking to have a sheetmetal fab shop build me a triangular filter box to nestle behind my Keystoker (it's in a corner) with the filter faced outward to the rear of the stove. I'll attach a 6" round takeoff to my intake of the 500CFM fan and use an adjustable elbow or two to tap into the custom filterbox. Any other suggestions to filtering the air would be welcomed~

I promise - pictures are coming once I fix my idle problem discussed in another post: Help! Keystoker 90 DV - Keeps Going Out at Idle

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Since my hot air plenum is located closer to my stove than the cold air return plenum, & since my central heat never is used, I have some warm air drawn from above the stove & blown (bathroom exhaust fan in the FR ceiling) into the hot air plenum to trickle out of the floor vents upstairs. Works fine as an additional source of warm air upstairs.
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Great!! Glad you figured it out and it's working.
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Another situation concerning the use of a stand alone hot air wood fired stove as a supplement to an existing oil fired ducted hot air system.
My question takes another spin off the older posts. In my house I have the new wood stove with twin 550 cfm blowers located in the west side of the basement and the existing oil fired unit is located in the center of the basement. Option #1, I want to back feed one of my 550 cfm blowers of my wood stove thru the existing ductwork's 7 inch port off the main trunk in a direction OPPOSITE to the oil fired unit. The other 550 cfm blower will be left to blow in the basement for heat. I realize the oil furnace needs to be off in order to operate safely. Option #2 is to use only one of my 550 cfm blowers and tie into the cold air return although there is limited room to do so mainly due to house design. Option #2 allows the oil furnace to still be used in conjunction with the wood stove.
I currently have 2 ten inch cold air returns (CAR) and 1 six inch CAR for the oil furnace. I plan to use the port of the sole 6 inch CAR to reinstall one of the 8 inch 550 cfm blowers. I cannot physically tie into either of the 2 ten inch CAR due to conflicts with support beams and design of house.
Any comments??? Thanks

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