Ideas for Better Heat Washing?

A Coal stoker furnace or stove controls most operations including automatically feeding the coal. They are quite similar to any conventional oil and gas units and easily operated for extended periods of time. They commonly use rice coal but may use larger sizes like buckwheat. They can be used as primary heat, supplementary heat or have a dual set up with your existing oil/gas furnace.
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I have a LL top vent. After I recieved my stove I realized I could have gotten a top 8" duct added. I think That would have really helped me move my heat better. At these low fire time of the year I also have that situation where the air FEELS cool most of the time the blower is blowing. I just wish there was a way to get more heat off the stove through the blower. The left side of the top feels good and warm while the left is cool. I wish I could get in there and make a maze for the air to follow a longer path.Any body have any ideas how to get all the heat out of the top and back area. Other wise it really is a perfect automatic stove. Its great how it can idle along all day on a 60 day and not use much coal.

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I think you'll find when you run your stove a little hotter you'll get plenty of heat from the air washing over it.
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tw230 wrote:After I recieved my stove I realized I could have gotten a top 8" duct added.
Fire up the jigsaw.
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Does it have a coaltrol? or rehostat on the fans, if you slow them down, the air will feel warmer on the slower/idle mode.
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I actually did contemplate cutting a hole in the top. I am going to try to close off the front with some sheetmetal and cover the right side top vents. Then put an 8"elbow over the left top vent slots. It still seems as though alot of heat left in top and behind air zone. I do have the coaltrol. I think all are the newest version with only purchased 4 months ago. I don't think I can adjust the fan. I think it is all done with the coaltrol. I am positive I will get much more warm/hot air as it is going be fired up much higher thru the winter. It just seems the air comes straight to the front and doesn't really maximize the heat wash. I might try some angle iron laying in the top area to make a back and forth maze.

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