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Post by Wyoming » Wed. Nov. 16, 2022 2:05 pm

I just installed a Stokermatic Super Heater SDNC- 433 or 488 that I pulled from an old out building. It seems to be fully operable but I'm underwhelmed with the heat output. I found the manual from this site (thank you!) and will fiddle with the tuyeres and over-fire air jet settings and will be cleaning and ensuring no blockages from debris and dead mice. I am wondering, however, what to expect for heat output. What air temperature is expected? What size buildings can a fella reasonably expect this heater to keep at 60 degrees? I know that last question isn't really fair since there are so many affecting variable, but any advice and expectation setting helps.

EDIT for safety statement: The Jerry can beside the stoker is not used for gasoline or other flammable materials. :D


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