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A Coal stoker furnace or stove controls most operations including automatically feeding the coal. They are quite similar to any conventional oil and gas units and easily operated for extended periods of time. They commonly use rice coal but may use larger sizes like buckwheat. They can be used as primary heat, supplementary heat or have a dual set up with your existing oil/gas furnace.
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I havent feed a coal stove in 50 years... full circle they say. My question is location of my stove. First I probably should have bought a boiler I have oil fired base board hot water heat. I would like to try and tie into the base board to heat the house rather than rely on radiant. My house is a cinderblock rancher one floor with no basement and basicly no attic. The house is what I call an add on add on. They built the hose (865 s.f.) add a screen in porch then added a garage, which is basicly one building now. The screened in porch which is a long room is part of the house and heated (305 s.f.) This room has two sections of 8ft baseboard so the temp hangs around 40-50 in the winter

I guess I have two questions Can I tie into the baseboard and should I put the stove in the main part of house or can I put it in the 305 s.f. part right now there is a door that separates the two

If I put the stove in the main part I can reky on the baseboard as well as radiant to try and keep even temps. I would have to use a power venter. Or put it in the 305 s.f. room where I could still tie into baseboard but could share the chimney for the oil furnace. (not at the same time...bad news)

Can I get enough coil in the stove to make a difference useing the base board?

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Hi ,
Tying into your baseboard is not the best idea. Your right, if your were going to use your hot water heat then a boiler would be the answer. But, since you have what you have then make the best of it. The small room is just too small for the stove. I would place the stove in the main part of the house and try to move the air the best I could. I can't see any problem making as much heat as you need.
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