Convection Blower on Keystoker

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I am getting my new to me keystoker ready for this winter. I noticed on the back the convection blower mounting appears to be modified. The blower is mounted to a plate, but the plate doesnt cover the entire opening at the back of the stove. I would think that the entire opening should be covered so that any air blown through the passages has to go through the blower. Is this correct? The way it is now is like setting a bow fan in a doorway....
Another question while I am at it. My stove is older and the combustion blower only runs when the stove is stoking. From reading other posts it apears that the prefered method is now to have the combustion blower running all the time. Is this correct?

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mine covers the whole maybe somebody before just got what motor they could and put it in. check with Keystoker on the model info on the motor that goes there. mine runs all the time. when I loose power the burn is out in 10 minutes. yours being older maybe things are different? you need to get a manual on your stove.

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I got a manual on it. The manual isnt that great of a help. Its a little primative...

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I'm new to this coal burning thing but I did just have a Koker installed and have been trying to learn how it operates.
I'm understanding the combustion motor is controlled by a timer. When your thermostat calls for more heat, the motor runs constantly. When the thermostat is satisfied, the timer cycles the motor off and on just enough to keep the coals hot, ready for the next heat cycle. My timer is a gray box mounted on the side of the hopper.
My convection motor, like Ken's, does cover the entire opening at the back of the furnace. It's a "Dayton" model 5C091C direct drive blower.
I hope this is some help to you.

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Yes, the thermostat will continously direct feed the Stoker motor until it heats up and satisfies the thermostat, then the PILOT/IDLE mode Timer Box (grey Box with round timer in it) will keep the coals moving and the stove going when NO heat is required by thermostat. Of course, the stove will be getting really hot and it may overshoot the temperature by a couple degrees, which is normal, since coal takes a while to heat up and cool down. I swtiched mine to a standard LUX digital thermostat with setback.

The Convection Blower will cycle on/off to circulate the heat once the stove reaches a certain temperature. :)

It would give better combustion if the combustion blower runs all the time, that is the way most of the newer ones operate. Just unwire it and put a plug on it and plug it in.

My Blower motor fills the opening, they may have changed it out with a slightly different one and the flange didn't line up correctly. You can put some hi-temp foil tape or hi temp silicone to fill the gap if needed.


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