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Post By: Mattw205 » Fri. Nov. 02, 2018 9:15 am

hey guys. i have an alaska stoker 2. right now i just have the rheostat dial to control heat. i see they sell a thermostat unit which looks like its just a control box and then a thermostat attaches to it. my question for anyone familiar with this setup is, can you use any thermostat to attach to the control box or does it have to be the alaska one. and the control box has 2 knobs, an idle and a high fire. how does that work? do you just set the idle as low as you want the stove to burn when its not calling for heat and the high to as high as you want when it is calling for heat and it just cycles between the two? just curious how this all work and if its worth the money in your opinion, looks like its around $400

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Post By: McGiever » Fri. Nov. 02, 2018 9:57 am

Any 24volt thermostat,,,not milli-volt and not line-voltage.

For $400.00 you may be better to get the generic more features Coaltrol unit.

There are other similar untis from other stove mfg'r...Reading comes to mind...may be better price???

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