Keystoker A-150 Furnace Question

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My current oil furnace needs to be replaced, so I decided that now is the time to convert to coal. I don't want to go completely 100% with coal, so I am thinking about getting the Keystoker A-150 hot air furnace with the oil gun option so I have the ability to use oild when I have to travel and I am not available to load the coal.

My question is has anyone here had any experience with the keystoker hot air furnaces that have this oil option included? Are these furnace reliable? How dificult is to switch from coal to oil use?

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It takes about a minute to change from coal to oil or vice versa. The oil burner is a Beckett Burner, which is highly regarded. Reliability is outstanding in both modes, however, the unit is optimized for coal, so if you are burning oil it is not going to be as efficient as a dedicated oil furnace. If you do go away, turn the temp. down and that unit will run for at least four days on one load of coal.


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