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I'm planning on purchasing a stove this weekend. It is a used Keystoker 70,000 BTU. Approximately 8 years old. It has the direct vent or power vent option. Thinking the difference means that a power vent pushes out the exhaust but still uses room air to feed the fire. And direct vent would use outside air on the fire. Is this right? I'm attaching pictures to see if anyone recognizes this model, or has any input or feedback about the model described above or shown in pictures. Any and all feedback would be helpful... ASAP.


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jburke vent would use outside air on the fire. Is this right?
That statement is true for a Harman DVC 500 direct vent but not the Keystoker. If you notice in the picture all the pipe is sealed with rtv, that's because it's under pressure. A power venter creates a draft and uses a barometric damper, most direct vents just dump the flue gases out through a pressurized pipe and therefore must be sealed.

You can run outside air for the combustion fan, a search will reveal several threads on this subject, but it's not required for the stove to work. WHat is required is proper adjustment of the bleed air on the Direct vent unit.

One note of caution: If a manual doesn't come with the stove call the folks at Keystoker and order on before burning your stove!!!

As with any installation need at least 3 CO detectors (one near the stove and two outside your sleeping quarters) and a manual to follow. Best of luck with your new install. :)

By the way, Welcome to the forum!!! :D

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