Replacement Leisure Line Hyfire II Feeder Motor

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Post Sat. Mar. 08, 2014 4:58 pm

Looking for a price / supplier on the following:
(2) Leisure Line Hyfire II Feeder Motors
(1) Leisure Line Hyfire II Ash pan with lid
(1) 0W5 synthetic oil
Cost of shipping for all above

Also, both of my feeder plates are rusty and had a whie substance, like calcuim or salt I presume built up on them, which made them not slide so easy. In fact one was complete seized up, which is how I found a bad Feeder Motor. Oddly the single burner I was running on, after I found out the other one was seized up, turned out to to be bad. The one that was seized up, after cleaning the plate and feeder area, appears to work just fine. Anyway, should I paint the feeder plates and feeder housing so not to have more rust and make it slide smoother? Should anything be put between the plate and the feeder housing, like graphite powder or a lubricant?


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Post Sat. Mar. 08, 2014 6:24 pm

Check your PM

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