Leisure Line Stove Into Electric Forced Air Heat System?

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Post Fri. Oct. 18, 2013 8:53 am

I am buying a new 2-story Colonial home with an unfinished basement. Unfortunately, there is no central A/C in the house, and the only heating system is electric baseboard throughout.... plus a fireplace (in the Living room on the 1st floor). I am thinking of installing a heat pump/central AC system in the unfinished basement that vents up to the 1st floor, and one in the attic that vents down to the 2nd floor.

I currently own a Leisure Line Pioneer top-vent stove in my ranch home, and am thinking about moving it to the basement of this new home (I thought about using the chimney of the fireplace and putting it there, but my wife doesn't want it in the living room).

Do you think I could use a heat jacket and tie the stove into the vents of the forced air heat pump system? I saw this page and it peaked my interest: http://leisurelinestoves.com/1904137.html
I am not HVAC expert so I don't know if this is possible.

Also, if I don't have a chimney in the basement, can I convert my stove to use a power vent system? Is that OK to use below grade in an unfinished basement, assuming I can pipe it up high enough?

Thanks as always!

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Post Thu. Oct. 24, 2013 6:33 am

We do not make a hot air jacket for the Pioneer since it is more suited to heating from the living space rather than the basement. The Pocono and Hyfire models have the hot air jacket options and are better suited to basement dwelling. Having said that you can definitely supplement the heat pump system by making a jacket for the Pioneer, it will help but probably not take care of the entire house heating needs in that configuration.
Another idea would be to run the Pioneer in the basement and select a couple of the colder rooms furthest away from the cellar steps and use small registers with fans to push cold air down thus aiding in establishing a convection loop to bring the hot air out of the basement. The main thing to understand about placing a stove in an uninsulated basement is there is a fair amount of loss trying to overcome the 50* walls, more coal will be used.
All our stoves can be power vented so no worries for that, of course you will need a suitable location for the power vent that allows it to be placed at least 18" above grade and 4' from any windows or doors.
Best wishes for a successful project, since your wife is objecting to placing the stove in the living area it will be somewhat of a challenge, but then again it's nice to have a nice science project every now and again! :D

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