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I recently bought a used keystoker that has a timer but no thermostat. The combustion fan turns on and off with the timer. I keep having to advance the timer to try to keep the combustion fan running when I am trying to light the stove. Is this because I do not have a thermostat? I am also having trouble lighting the stove. The combustion fan does not seem to be very strong. I think the stove is from around 2001. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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What model Keystoker is it?
The combustion fan needs to run continuously if it's a stoker.
The timer activates the pusher bar by turning on the gear motor for about a minute, every ten minutes.
If your timer is controlling the combustion motor I'd guess someone has rewired it improperly.

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The wiring has been modified, and it is not correct. The combustion fan should be on 24/7, and the timer maintains minimum fire. Perhaps there is a relay for the stoker stove to circulate hot air when the stove temp reaches 140 degrees. Look at the Keystoker site, or call them in the am if you don't get enough relief. There should be a 120V relay like a Honeywell RA89 to accept the TT which you may not have. I just looked at mine in my garage and thought someone might have removed yours.
It came from the factory with one, and is the means by which a thermostat can be used to control the stoker feed motor, hence duration of run time to add coal to the carpet. Look it over, all there is on the back is a stoker motor, combustion fan, and a circulation the RA89 relay to control the carpet. The timer is used to maintain fire when there is no call for heat, and is usually set at 1 minutes on, 10 minutes off. You will have to experiment with the settings if you have any out=fires. We need a model number.....and a picture of the rear of the stove. The model number is usually on the lower left or right....not sure on yours.....

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Thank you for your input. I added a $20.00 Honeywell thermostat and it does run until it reaches temp. My thermal is not a very good one because I have it set on 90 but the room it is in is not 90 but it shuts off. The thermal is required to keep everything running. I also had to take my combustion fan off the back and vacuum out the chamber. I also replaced the cover with a slotted cover to allow more air to be drawn.
Thank you again for your help.

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They say that a picture is worth a thousand words............ in this case that definitely is true. See if you could take some pics of your stove from the rear so we can see how it is set up.

Also if you could change your profile and include your hometown, there might be a member nearby who can stop and give you a hand or at least talk to you on the phone. We promise not to come and steal your coal.............


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it sounds like you're up and running however.. I'm curious. you said you replaced the cover to the combustion motor with a slotted one to allow more air...?
typically the cover on the combustion blower is adjustable... and can be opened or closed.
what model is this?

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