Emptying Ash Pan?

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Post Sat. Dec. 01, 2007 3:17 pm

Is it a good idea to turn off combustion fan for a few seconds when emptying ash pan to keep the dust down? With the coal-trol flipping the switch off on the control box which shuts everything down but only for a minute. Would there be any harm done? Thanks.

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Post Sat. Dec. 01, 2007 3:43 pm

I leave mine run, I just wait until it's done with the stoker....then change the ash pans.
I have my stokers/fans hooked to switches, so I can shut off if I want to.

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Post Sat. Dec. 01, 2007 4:20 pm

I have seen no problem with shutting off the switch for a minute or 2.

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Post Sat. Dec. 01, 2007 6:49 pm

Hi Steve,
Use the door cover to place on top of the ash pan when you remove it from the stove. This way you can carry it through the house without any problems. The door cover only comes with the Pioneer and Hearth.

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Post Sat. Dec. 01, 2007 7:33 pm

I've turned off the combustion fan once and lost my fire so if you do I would suggest that you work fast. I always turn off any fans and the blower fans.

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Post Sat. Dec. 01, 2007 9:22 pm

I turn off my coal-trol every time I empty the ash pan. This only takes 3-4 minutes and I have never had a problem with the fire going out. If the stove is at idle (min feed=3) I work a little quicker because that isn't much fire to leave burn for 3-4 minutes with no combustion air.

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Post Sat. Dec. 01, 2007 11:10 pm

We have a Harman DVC-500 direct vent stoker and when we empty the ash we turn a knob to an "ash out" position which turns off the combustion fan. We've not had a problem with our fire going out and we've not had our stove much over an idle.

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Post Sun. Dec. 02, 2007 11:00 am

I have two ash pans, pull the full one out and slide the empty one in. About 15 to 20 seconds max. I leave the unit run. :)

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Post Sun. Dec. 02, 2007 4:21 pm

I got a second ashpan for my Mag this year. My setup is plugged into an outlet on a switch, so All I do is outen the switch and let her cool for a few minutes, then flip-flop the ashpans and hit the switch again. Also turn off when I do my weekly fly-ash clean-out and then on when done, never had a problem.

Got the second pan idea from this forum, so thanks again fellas! :)

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