Factory Settings With Jacket Installed on Hyfire II

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Have been running my Hyfire for three seasons now, this summer installed the jacket. I also installed two eight inch inline fans and a six inch inline fan, and removed the two factory installed blowers. The six inch inline fan is hooked up independently. Everything is up and running, like this setup vice sans jacket.

My question. With one burner going at FR99, the fan inlet temperatures are 115 to 125 degrees, they are rated at 260 degrees so no problem so far. I would like to closely monitor the temp when I have both burners going, so as not to exceed the max temp of the inline fans. My settings on the Coal Trol are 6/40, can I lower the 40 to a given setting and periodically raise it while monitoring the fan temperature. If so, what setting should I start at. I think this adjustment would be easier and more precise than the feeder knobs on the stove itself.


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You can change how big the fire is by changing your
max settings. You should ask Automation Correct. I think they could give you a more exact answer.

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If you are running fans off the Coal-Trol (sounds like maybe the 8 inchers are) I suggest you plug the fans into wall outlets for the duration of the testing. The convection fan output is still working off the normal fan speed control logic when in the MAX setting screen, which means they may be running slower or even stopped while running the feeders at MAX during this testing. We've addressed this issue in the V3 code going through testing now.

I'd light up both stokers, go to the MAX setting and bump it down to 30 and let it burn for 30-60 minutes so the fires settle out, checking the temp at the fans as you think appropriate. If there is more room to go up, start bumping that MAX setting up as you think appropriate. Leave enough time (15-30 minutes) after each adjustment to be sure the fire and the stove have settled at the new temperature that rate will produce. The thermostat will remain on that MAX setting screen until you move it off of it with the menu button, running the stokers at the rate indicated reagrdless of the temperature.

Of course, during this your house is going to get pretty hot, open windows as necessary. :)

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