Ducting for Keystoker 105

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Im thinking of buying a keystoker 105 with an 6 inch air duct on top.I want to run a duct from basement ceiling where stove will be located to 2nd floor of home.I was wandering if I could use oval tin pipe used in central air installation placed between studs.the pipe will be between studs and drywall.Will this pipe get to hot and catch wall on fire??answers would be appreciated...

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Post Tue. Apr. 10, 2007 8:38 pm

Mine is a Keystoker 90.

Yes,, it ranges from 120-150 I don't think Ihave ever seen it much higher than that and the farther away, the cooler it gets, I only have about 6 Feet of pipe to get upstairs with the stock 265 CFM Blower.

A good heat exchanger (check the Photos section for ideas!) would draw more side heat off the stove...it radiates a lot heat.

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