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Hi everyone. I'm new here and soon to be new to owning a coal stove. I can't afford a new one so I'm looking at a few different used makes/models. Does anyone know if a Leisure Line Pioneer LE with back vent can be direct vented? All I see at their website is a power vent option. I only have two spots in my basement to vent this stove. My preferred spot has a window about 2 feet to the side and above. The other spot has a window about 4 feet away and a couple of feet higher than the vent would be. I've read somewhere that a direct vent only needs 1 foot clearence but a power vent needs 4 feet. Is this true?

Thanks for any help. I hope to install this stove this spring and from browsing through this forum a lot of my questions have already been answered buy I'm sure more will pop up as I install the stove and fire it up this fall.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Anthracite coal burning! :D

The exit for a direct vent or power vent has the same safety requirements as far as clearance to openings and pedestrian traffic. The Field Controls data is pretty helpful: http://www.fieldcontrols.com/pdfs/46139100.pdf

The reason we do not offer a direct vent is that it pressurizes the flue inside the home which from a safety point of view is less desirable to the power vent which creates a draft (negative pressure) on the pipe inside the house. The LL stoves are only UL approved for a LL Power Vent assembly available from your LL dealer or sometimes can be purchased used over various outlets such as ebay and Craigs list. Although purchase of any used direct vent or power vent unit is filled with opportunity for need of repair and replacement parts that can run the cost over purchase of a new unit when all is said and done.

My advice would be to purchase whatever stove meets your needs and then purchase a new power vent or direct vent unit for whatever stove you choose (this would not be true for a Harman DVC 500 which has the direct vent unit built in).

I hope this has been helpful, best wishes in your search.

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