Leisure Line Pioneer chimney or SWG vent?

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Post by ttf5003 » Wed. Oct. 10, 2018 7:28 am


Last night I picked up a 4 year old Leisure Line Pioneer stove with the coal-trol. It’s going to be installed in my 440 sf detached woodshop and I have a couple of questions about venting. I’ve never run a coal stove before but keep two pellet stoves in the house.

I picked up 6” Selkirk Supervent from Lowe’s to go up through the roof. But yesterday I noticed the SWG-4HD on the Leisure Line website. I’m looking to idle the stove (burn as little coal as possible) Monday – Friday and then ramp it up on weekends. Would the 6” or the SWG offer any benefits to idling the stove for long periods of time? The SWG would give me more placement options for sure.

Also the woodshop has 7’ concrete block walls, with drywalled, insulated ceilings, and then the gable above that is plywood. If I used the SWG and wanted to go out the plywood gable, would I use a ceiling thimble and then switch over to double wall pipe to turn and run to the SWG? Or would I stay with regular stove pipe all the way to the SWG? Also is the SWG actually approved for coal use? It seems like it is listed for oil and gas on most websites.

Thanks for any help.

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Post by Rob R. » Wed. Oct. 10, 2018 7:42 am

A chimney is preferred if you can make it work. Quiet, no electrical consumption, and low maintenance in comparison. There should not be any difference in coal consumption between the chimney or power vent if installed properly.
Also is the SWG actually approved for coal use? It seems like it is listed for oil and gas on most websites.
Leisure Line spent the time and money to get the SWG approved for use with coal. I believe they made some slight modifications though - check with them.

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Post by coalnewbie » Wed. Oct. 10, 2018 7:48 am

I use a SWG-4HD on a Pocono but I service it weekly when the chit hits etc etc. Conventional wisdom is that a chimney is better and I agree. I was going to put in a chimney but here we are with winter coming and I failed to get around to it. Search this board there is plenty on posts on this one. Of course we are here to help more if needed.

Good luck


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Post by McGiever » Wed. Oct. 10, 2018 10:38 am

SWG for oil is very intermitent as with resting idle between heat calls.
This is not the case with coal as the SWG must run continuosly 24/7 to vent the constant fire fumes of a solid fuel fire.

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Post by rocketjeremy » Wed. Oct. 10, 2018 1:05 pm

You could always come up and help finish my chimney and learn the ways of building one!! :D :yes:

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Post by Den034071 » Thu. Oct. 11, 2018 8:55 am

I am available towalk you through on How Tobuild a Block Chimney .If you have basic carpentry skills I can tell you what to do .Jack in Penna .

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Post by BlackLeisureLine » Mon. Oct. 15, 2018 2:24 pm

Hey fellas. My first day on this site. Gaining a lot of information already from others posts. I do have a question though. I too own a leisure line coal stoker stove. I think it's a pioneer from mid to late 90s with manual controls. Which coal-trol unit would work best with this stove? It currently sits in my basement. House is bi-level. Warm air naturally flows up my stairs.

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