Burning Wood and Coal at the Same Time??

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Ive been a wood burner for some time now but energy prices have me looking. I have a vermont castings viglant wood stove and plan to burn wood. since this stone is rated to burn coal, would I be able to burn coal and wood, switching as the weather or my schedule changed. Also what sized coal is best for my stove? This setup vents into a 36' 8X12 masonary chimney
Thanx in advance for your time

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I burn both. If I want a fire to last through the night with bone chilling temps, I get a good hot coal bed and burn anthracite coal. I burn nut size. Sometimes I want to save on wood, and I will throw a few chunks of ohio lump coal. Its not the greatest and stinks, but burns like wood. With soft coal you can mix the 2, but with anthracite I wouldnt do it. I always keep some lump coal and some anthracite coal. If I could afford alot of anthracite, it would be all I would burn. But around here the wood is free so the coal is a special item for me to use.

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I have burned both wood and stove coal(anthracite). If you burn wood and then throw coal in on top, the coal burns up quicker than normal. But man does it get hot. It burns pretty much uncontrollable. Same result the other way around (wood on coal).

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