Finally Snowing Here and Getting Colder

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Post Fri. Feb. 17, 2006 12:57 am

High of 44 today, and an inch of rain with thundershowers over the top of 4-5" of wet snow. High tomorrow of 24, low 19, then high of 11* on Saturday, so everything is going to freeze into a hard lumpy, bumpy slippery mess.

I had to srart the loader and clear the driveway of the sloppy wet snow before it froze into icy ruts.

The coal pile even though covered with a tarp is going to freeze into a solid rock. So tomorrow before is gets too cold I'm going to have to haul as much coal inside as I can, to prepare for the weekend and next week.

The Boiler seems to be behaving, I'm maintaining 140* water, but the real test will be saturday night. Forcast to be 2*, that means about -5* here at the farm. I'll see how it does then.

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Post Fri. Feb. 17, 2006 5:24 pm


Glad to see all is working out with the new boiler....I am sure it will take some tweaking and refining to get it perfect..

you will have a few more brainstorms that will improve it....

Today we have high wind warnings..30-50 a severe temp drop over night...high Saturday 18-20* low single wind..old man winter is knocking again at the door....

I will be running both stoves this weekend to fend off the cold


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