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Post Wed. Aug. 20, 2008 9:30 am

I have been researching obtaining coal in my area, and have been running into some difficulty getting anything but Reading Coal. Even then I would need to pick it up in a truck, since that dealer doesn't deliver. Since I live only about one and one half or two hours south of the Pennsylvania coal region, I'm considering (when the time comes) driving up there in a rented truck and picking up the coal myself. I seem to recall earlier posts here about some people buying coal at the mine. I would be most interested, at least initially, in picking a bagged coal, presumably at the bagging site.

Does anyone here have experience doing this?

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Post Wed. Aug. 20, 2008 9:39 am

If you want it cheap you need to go to the breaker in bulk, bags are going to be double even here. Right now at least one is limiting the amount you can purchase and who they will sell it too. Since there is so many people that will requesting this information we have a thread specifically for it that can be found here. That's the only thread I allow for coal requests because I don't want the forum cluttered up with them so I'm locking this one. You'll find numerous places and contact information here:

Need Coal? Post it here for Co-op's

Try this one too:

Coal quality from various sources
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