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How often should I replace the fabric gaskets on my door/ash door/hopper top on my insert? This is my second year with the insert and just wanted to know when I should do this. They seem to look good form a sight standpoint. Thanks...Dave

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Dave...I do my doors every 2 years whether they need them or not...they are cheap enough...if they are both the same size just go to stove shop and get it off the roll..usually cheaper that way...

and for the cement..I use the high heat silicone instead of the gasket cement....the gasket cement can be a pain to get have to chip and scrape...

clean out grove real good... clean with a solvent like alcohol to ensure no oils or crud on it...

the hi-temp silicone I just use a old screw driver with a sharp edge and cuts off nice...just lay a thin bead...lay gasket on not stretch it on..lay on naturally...close door and let it setup....


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