Cold Weather Settling In - Dec 2017

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Post By: Areber7788 » Sun. Jan. 07, 2018 1:52 am

How long should my furnace be running for? I haven't changed the settings on it since I bought my house but lately it's been running a lot longer and I have no clue at all what the settings are for, what they'll do or what they mean. I woke up this morning to my radiators making a constant knocking sound and when I checked, the coal ashes were clumped up and blocking around the sides where they're supposed to fall into the bin and the entire inside was one giant coal fire. The floor was wet around the back a little which I'm assuming the water got too hot too fast and some was released from somewhere to relieve pressure...??? I have no clue. I'm a complete novice with this stuff. Any advice would be great. Also side note...I empty the ash bin every day and the ash build up was from it filling up to inside the furnace. It was almost like it never stopped running while I was asleep.

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Post By: hotblast1357 » Sun. Jan. 07, 2018 4:51 am

Sounds like it did in fact run for a long time, is it still firing? What’s your water temps? If it’s over 205 and running shut it down, maybe your high limit on the aquastat is bad.

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