Has Anyone Found Out Whose Coal TSC Is Selling?

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Post By: alpineboard » Thu. Jun. 08, 2017 6:43 am

Yes, the white plastic bags , miners choice, is Reading, they leave the order packing slip on the pallet.
Got a Good deal, so good I can not even say it. It was the last 2 pallets and a 1/2 pallet from last years order, and they did not want it around anymore, the pallets had been moved around many times and had many broken bags and broken pallets, from inexperienced fork lift drivers. So every time they move it, it makes a new mess to clean up. And it was the 15% off evening. So despite they are TSC , and you have to put up with the $#%^%, just be polite, and sometimes good things happen.
Will see how it burns, but from the broken bags, the rice looked consistent in size. :D :clap:

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Post By: Wood slave » Sun. Oct. 01, 2017 9:32 pm

Late on posting for this topic but it is reading coal as I too, found the packing slips. Just picked my 2 ton of nut up. Couple bags had small holes in them so I tore those open and looked pretty consistent. I shall see

Wood slave

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