Direct Vent Versus Power Vent Coal Stoves

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Post Thu. Nov. 10, 2005 4:34 pm

1. Is a power vent for a coal stove acceptable?
2. Why do the local dealers for Harman and Keystoker seem to be against direct vent coal stoves?
3. Does anybody have any comments about the Leisure coal burning stokers? They do not make direct vent but offer the power vent.
4. I am putting this stove in an outside building that has a very angular roof line and in order to put a up a chimney, it would require a series of angles and about 40 feet of pipe to get above the highest point of the roof.

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Post Fri. Nov. 11, 2005 7:38 am

Our dealer stated either will work, depending on your situation. However, you need eletric to power the vent. Also, you need a bit more clearances around where the exhaust will be, but check you local codes. most come with proper installation istructions.

I just put in a Keystoker 90 with direct vent (ordered it that way), basically I think the powered vent/direct vent is the same thing, different companies. It using a fan to pull the exhaust out of the stove, thus not requiring a chimney. It is a 4" Diam. approx. 18" length of pipe thru the wall with a 6" transition piece that it goes thru the wall, a tee and cap. the pipe is just warm to the touch when the stove is running on low, kinda hot when really cranked up.

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