Kimmels Vs. Blaschak Vs. ?

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Post Wed. Feb. 19, 2014 2:02 pm

The title says it all.

What "Brand" of coal do folks here consider the best?

I have used only two, Kimmels and Blaschak.

I have found but have not documented, that a 50 lb bag of kimmels stove only has the same "power" as 40lb of Blaschak nut.

I can keep my Crawford no. 2 @ 550 on the barrel for 24 hours with 40 lb of Blaschak nut, yet it takes 50 lb of kimmels stove to achieve the same result.

This comparison was done on very similar temp & barometric conditions.

When I do this I'll weigh the coal on a calibrated scale and start each test with a cold stove started on equal amounts of charcoal and kerosene.

Now before anyone cries foul, I know, they are not the same size chunks but if the coal is equal, (assumption) would there not be equal BTU content between brands?

If it ever stops snowing, I'll make the 2hr round trip to get some Blaschak stove to at least compare size to size AND document conditions &results.

I have access to lab calibrated thermometers to measure temps but my draft gauge is not calibrated.

I have heard that Lehigh coal is among the best but AFAIK, it is only available in bulk loose form.

Too bad no coal "brands" support the forum.

What do you guy's use and have you compared "brands" apples to apples with different results?


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Post Fri. Feb. 21, 2014 5:09 am

Everyone has their own favorite, some have no choice, and none of us can agree on which is best. :)

Blaschak and Kimmels both pull coal from many sources, so what you have observed with those two bags might be reversed next season...or not, it depends. I usually tell people to buy whichever is closest to home or the best bargain.

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