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Post Tue. Feb. 18, 2014 9:20 am

Once you have the manometer, you set the weight where it gives you -.04 inches water column on the draft gauge.
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Gotti88NY wrote:Flyer5 thank you for the reply bud! , but my Q was more directed
As far as the knobby weight thing on the BDC whether it should be on
2,4,6 etc ...thanks
4 on the right if the tee is running vertical. 4 on the left side if the tee is running horizontal. If plumb and level the RC is pretty well calibrated but can be tuned even better using a Manometer.

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Gotti88NY wrote: A few more background pocono is in the basement, but I have some vents going up to 2 exclusive registers for my upstairs....i also have a fuel furnace hot air unit which goes to the others registers, no registers are shared...the fuel furnace doesnt seem to kick in since I got the coal stove installed. Also please note that the pic below of the stove in order to show you the vents, was taken in the fall before the stove was running. all the cables/wires are set up right and theres no stuff around the stove anymore. My coaltrol is set up upstairs by the living room Image
One thing I notice is the apparent absence of fire dampers as the ducts penetrate the upper floor.

The National Fire Protection Code (not used in all states) requires automatic fire dampers whenever a duct passes through a floor. Ducting for furnaces with an automatic quick acting cut off at 165F are exempt.

Check your local codes and inspection requirements or you may find you have no fire insurance.

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