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One of my grandfathers was a coal miner in gallitzin back in the day. He died of black lung at 86, half from mines half from smoking. I always thought the job sounded neat, days down in the mines, he didn't mind the job, but wasn't as enthusiastic about it as a small kid who'd never done it.

My other grandfather used to drive the coal and ice delivery truck. They had a tarp for when they switched to ice. Doesn't sound too tasty, but this ice was more for the icebox than the iced tea. He used to have to shovel deliveries into the chits by hand. 60 years later he still has the handshake of a vice.

My house is so old it's been heated by everything possible over the years. I just ripped my oil tanks out last summer and found some random pieces of coal under the tanks and on the sill plates. I can only assume what it now a window was a chute at one point. At this point I'm sure there's no way to ever know what kind of stove was used here, but I would love to find out, and someday I will add an antique stove to the mix.

Slightly off topic, my in laws have been looking to replace their wood cookstove for a few years now, last week on Craigslist my wife found them the exact stove they have, but a nicer model with more nickel and a water tank. Found it in our town, for $600, they bought it the same day and now we have to figure out how to move the old one out and new one in, think I'll hire some young strong guys.

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Come on guys. How about some more stories of the good ol days. Growing up in the 80's and 90's I have very few experiences like the seasoned veterans. Just wasn't the same. Fortunately my uncles were do it yourself types so I picked up a little bit , but always strive for more. Enjoy my dads Vietnam stories (wrong time frame, topic). My preference would be life experiences, (or anything to do with machinery, coal) from the Victorian age up to WW 2. Maybe 50's. Quite possibly the best decade ever. With all the personality types on the forum I'm sure there is some good reading to be had. Any one feel like reminiscing? Matt

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We lived in a coal company house .Coal stove in kitchen an heatrola in dine room .We never bought coal .One quarter mile away was a culm bank .Summers dad worked 3 days a week he was a miner .I an pop would climb the wasee bank id find lumps dad cracked them to nut stove size .Another source was since we lived near train marshsling yard as they bumped coal fell off .Me an my sister went down to tracks an filled a bag.I had a lil red wagon .A early Christmas present came 1 year .A coal truck flipped over near our house .Driver said call your neighbors an take the coal its free .Our patch or village had 6 twin houses so this was a God send .1950s what a time quart a beer 40 cents gas 17 cents .Later we bought a stoker .Coal rice was 6 bucks a ton .Awww them were the days .Jack from Coaldale Pa .
Jack from Lehigh Valley

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