Crating and Packing a Stove for Truck Shipment

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Post Sun. Aug. 25, 2013 6:29 am

Since I need to build a crate and package a few stoves for shipment coast to coast, I took some pictures that may help others someday (Stoves really require a trucking company, so I wound up building pallets right into the crate).

I discovered for stuffing material I would go with bails of hay (its cheap, its easy to get, and it works like a charm in terms of cushioning VS firmness)! I only wished I discovered that on this first stove instead of the last stove I had to crate :( this one tip could save you hundreds of dollars!

I picked up sturdy pallets that had enough height that a fork truck or pallet jack could move them, I then used all the scraps I could muster to build what I call this "Brick shyt house"... photo's attached.
packed upright.JPG
Packed Upright!!!
built in pallet and floor to crate.JPG
Built in Pallet and floor to crate
cleated top bottom and middle.JPG
cleated top bottom and middle
each bubbled then foamed prior to lid.JPG
parts bubble packed then foamed prior to lid
ready to ship.JPG
ready to ship

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