Coal for $137.00 a Ton!

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Post Wed. Mar. 20, 2013 1:07 pm

This morning I went to ******* to get a load of coal on my Dodge 1500 1/2 ton pickup. I asked for 1 ton max, a little under being better. (1 ton gives me about 1/4" between the the suspension block and the frame) I got loaded up and did not pay much attention to the scale, however when pulling away from the loading chute I thought the load looked a little big for a ton.

Went in to pay after getting weighed and the guy says minus the water weight I am about 160 lbs over a ton which I was ok with. As I was driving out the driveway I was looking in my review and finally decided there is no way I am only 160 lbs over a ton. I had a ton on before and did not remember the entire bed being full and the level of the coal in the middle being higher than the bed sides. :)

Decided to check my weighmaster certificate and this is what it said:

Tare = 5560
Gross = 8320
Net = 2760

WOW! The guy had the Gross crossed out and 7820 written in and also crossed out the net and had 2260 written in minus 100lbs water for a total of 2160 for which I paid $183.00! This comes to $137.00 per ton.

Seems to me these are certified scales so there should be no need to correct the weights :| Not sure why he did that, maybe he thought he would have to shovel it off?

Anyway....I made it to work where I am posting this with no blown tires or broken springs or frames....hopefully I can make it the rest of the way home this evening.

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Post Wed. Mar. 20, 2013 3:23 pm

WHat breaker was this at?

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