Coal Furnace Explodes!

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e.alleg wrote:
the second clip was cool. :clap: I don't think that in real life it is possible though, you'd think that a faucet washer or solder joint or something would fail before the tank got up to 350psi.
Working in the fire service for 25 years now, I can tell you from experience that it is absolutely possible in real life. And not just launching through a small shed-like building. The one that I responded to blew from the basement, through the roof of a a two story house, and we never did find the water heater! You could have driven a semi-truck through the hole it left! Fortunately the family wasn't home when it happened. The video about exercising your pressure relief valve is VERY GOOD ADVICE!! :shock:


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Too many Firemen on this forum!


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Where else could pyromaniacs and fireman coexist in such harmony!? :lol: :lol:

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