We Gotta Get This Clown Outa Here

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OK Kevin, it takes a lot of different folks to make the world go round for me if I were to do nothing at all then I would consider it as much my own fault & wouldn't' complain about it. And yes I have confronted a couple of armed hunters while being unarmed myself (not smart) but I went from the garage to chewing them a new AH in a few seconds without giving it much thought at the time. In your case I would venture to say that many take off work to make that kind of scratch (or anywhere near it) most junkies that I know wouldn't do labor & even if they could get by one night they would never be able to do a second.

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KLook wrote:Baileyville huh? Hell, I used to play for the baseball team up there in the 70's. Probably know him. Or at least some relatives.
I'm sure you would know Uncle Dan if I told you his last name. Everybody knew him. Doctors told him he had a heart condition and he should stay home and take it easy. But he figured he might as well be dead as to do that. So he had another 10 years of doing whatever he wanted, and died on his snowmobile at 84 years old as I recall.

It's sad to hear that the old Maine is gone, even there. We were thinking about retiring to the Calais area, but it doesn't sound encouraging. How's New Brunswick? :?:

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Glad to hear he made the most of life!
Calais is kept alive by Canadian traffic, things seem to be going well there but I'm not sure why. New Brunswick is interesting, I would go there if I was trying to escape society or prehaps northern Maine. Just to cold and the winters never end. Then its mud season, then bug season. Sorry Fort Kent coal cohort, you can have it! There is no nice time of the year without something freezing you or biting you. Well, Oct. is nice if you like it cool. I have seen bugs in Nov. however.
10 years ago I was up in Halifax, NS and all they could tell me was how awesome it was down in Maine. I thought they were light years ahead of us but what do I know. Maybe PEI would be a nice alternative if you are going north. For me, I am heading south.


And Sam, confronting people with no or low chance of success is not well thought out. The money was extreme, and the social values low.

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