If This True, No Reason for Anyone to Burn Coal Anymore

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keep your coal shovels. the average life of a "fracked" shale gas well is a fraction of a conventional well. many drill rigs will be drilling for oil, since gas brings no profit. nothing easy like gas will stay cheap awfully long.

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We have natural gas at our house in Arkansas, one of the things that blows heated air from ducts in the ceiling (I thought heat rises) like a giant Gas jet bomb, placed in the roof space, well it's great when you turn it on, the whole house is warm in ten minutes (well the air is) ten minutes after that it starts to go cold. So we have switched it off and I use my big old wood burner. The whole house stays hot day and night, and whilst coal is hard to come by here wood is free. And on that point you would be amazed at the amount of poor people who live on benefits, who sit all day in their house with the gas heating on, when we get 3 tons of wood for free per year, they even cut the trees down for you. I guess if Oboma sent somebody around to put the logs on the fire they might use it. :lol:

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