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nortcan wrote:Not the solution but just an opinion:
And when peoples get sick from whatever you want, the medical systems will gives you some medicines,drugs...and about 90% of it will get out of your body (from urine...)and be send in the environment, rivers, lakes, sceptic systems... and back to your drinking water. It can be done fast or take years but don't worry, it will. Some North American Study detected: antibiotics, heart medications, prozac,epilepsy medications, birth control pills, antibacterial soaps,hormones,and a lot of other chemicals in drinking water. Some say it's only traces of them and others say: how much of that mixture is dagerous?
In one sample from Montréal's waste water, they found the equivalent of 61 millions of Advil pills. In Spain, in the water of a natural parck they found cocaine,ecstasy,codeine,morphine, cannabis...
Find a good lobby to promote your idea and you can do whatever you want. Forgot, a few $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
What we read on the pubs is what they want us to read....
Now have a good glass of water and say thanks to the systems for bringing pharmaceuticals right to your Tap. They are protecting you and your family.
It sounds like they do a lot more partying in Spain than in Montreal, where everyone must be sore from all of the shoveling...

In between the waste water going out and the rain water coming down, there's also the question of how much of that stuff is getting into our food chain. I thought the swordfish looked unusually calm the last time we had it. :roll2:

I think we're getting off-topic, but at least this has been helpful for travel and meal planning. And maybe pointing out that there sometimes are legitimate issues that arise from the effects of peoples' actions on other people, and sometimes just people who pretend there are such issues to advance their own agendas.


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Post Thu. Aug. 04, 2011 3:28 pm

nortcan wrote:Now have a good glass of water and say thanks to the systems for bringing pharmaceuticals right to your Tap. They are protecting you and your family.
That's amazing. Our governments think of everything. No forgetting to take your meds.

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SMITTY wrote:Edit: I see it now.

As an asthmatic I can tell you that this is complete & utter horseshit. Typical left-wing emotional hysteria to further their agenda. While clean air is great, it's not coal plants that cause asthma attacks ..... it's PLANTS ... you know, the green kind that grow.
I also have asthma. As a younger teenager, I took care of the coal stoker at my church, and opening the ash door on that big boiler in a small room would bother my asthma, but never outside. I seem to be ok with it now in my own home. Tree pollin, dogs ,cats and the like will do it to me every time. Once the global warming takes over, we will no longer need to burn coal :lol:

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Mike, don't even worry about the places, it's a world wide problem. Lots of City in USA take waste water samples to compare to the narcotics consumption levels from previous samples tested. It's like a vicious circle: labs make medicines, healt care services "give" you medicines to take, with the time it all mixe up in the body and where do we look for a cure: labs again. Not the only one problem but lot of curious sickness these present days.
Last point, I have nothing to sell to you. Just wanted to show what happens around us. lot of times we say: if I only knew it......
OK, I quit. Not in the subject but maybe not so far from it.

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Post Thu. Aug. 04, 2011 5:33 pm

We can even get our steroids & all the other drugs from eating meat & our fruit & veggies. Then wash it all down with some H2O plus all the other chemical signs.
"Any fool can criticize, condemn & complain & most fools do." Benjamin Franklin

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Post Thu. Aug. 04, 2011 9:32 pm

The beetles are taking over and doing their part to destroy the planet: ... e-problem/
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