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Sting wrote:If you want to waste a lot of money

This guy claims you can heat a 4000 square foot house with a 30K input stove
You miss quoted again !!!!!!... It is a pc 45k Harman,and you now better .the person who is doing a 4000 plus sq. ft. home is a member of I burn corn .com just like you .I would have to check but my money is on him burning corn/ pellets stoves longer than you

Re: Please decribe your set up and total install cost
by rona » March 17th, 2011, 2:47 pm

I think I sent you a PM on but wanted to keep the pm short as usually there is a word limit on pm's.
Anyway I am heating both main floor and a full basement of our ranch style home totalling 4040 square feet with a Harman PC45 located in the basement. I have been burning corn or pellets for 6 years and started with a Harman PC45 in the basement figuring heat rises and should heat the basement plus part of the upstairs. This idea cut down the fuel oil furnace bill but didn't eliminate it. I still had cold areas and needed the furnace.
I tried several ideas and ended up with a stove downstairs and one upstairs. I only used the one downstairs when it gets below zero.
When I looked at the idea of adding water heat to the stove I was very interested because I could use our existing baseboard water heating system and end up with even 70 degree heat over the whole house plus using it to heat our domestic hot water heater.
So I installed the kit into a Harman PC45 stove which is auto start and can be run either in stove temp mode or room temp mode plus it can burn up to a ton of good pellets before having to dump the ash drawer.
I eliminated my electricity use for our hotwater heater, usually only burn this stove instead of two stoves so save fuel there too, plus have nice even 70 degree heat throughout the house.
It took me a while to get everything set right but after I did it works great.
The simple truth is I doubled the heat output of the stove using the same amount of fuel plus pay nothing for domestic hot water needs during the winter.
It cost me aprox 2500 plus the stove but I got the stainless steel kits for both the heat exchanger for the hot water heater and the actual kit for the PC45. I think if you look down the road you can see where this investment will pay for itself very fast.
Earlier I made reference to the fact I have been using corn stoves for 6 years. During that time I also looked at boiler furnaces that burned corn or pellets. I passed on them because they were a lot higher priced and all of them used a lot more fuel.
The best feature is the fact that you can get twice the heat out of the same stove using the same amount of fuel.rona

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i just hang my clothes in the basement where the stove is, its hot down there.

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