Occqasional NUT in Bagged Rice, Is This Common?

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Post Mon. Dec. 18, 2006 11:58 pm

Yeah I bought my stove well over a year ago, and it came with 750lb of bagged rice. 3 times now, a single piece of nut coal has jammed the stoker.

I try to watch carefully, but should I get chicken wire or something to drop the coal thru?

Is this kind of common, or maybe I just have a bad batch and that will be the end of it...

(After the 750lb is used up, I have 4 tons of bulk) (Well 3.5 tons, it looks like I got shorted but thats in another thread...)

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i would say its not uncommon if it came off a stock pile. it wont come out of the breaker like that. its the ole nut in the cog syndrome. make a shaker with a sreen and run everything through it . it can really mess things up
what do you mean " it wont light"

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I wouldn't refer to it as common even if it was coming off the stock pile especially during warm weather. Through a couple of thousand tons I'd be pushing it to say I see a few pieces of nut in the rice, however there are many ways that can happen.

For example if there is hole in the screen and the guys running the breaker aren't aware of it. Another probably more common way is pieces freeze to stuff in the colder weather, the loader, the trucks, etc... you look for them but you can't expect to catch them all particuallryly the ones sticing to the loader.

The pieces that do make it into my trucks usually get spotted or heard. If the piece is big enough you can usually hear it when it hits the chute. . Stop the coal and it's usually right on top of the pile in the window, that or you'll see it going down the chute, few pieces ever make into someones house.

As far as screening it I reccomend that too all my customers regardless, only takes one piece to really screw things. The auger syatem I have is particualrly a pain in the butt. It will break the shear pin then you have to pull the whole screw out. I often wondered why manufactureres don't have large screens on the hoppers, at least so thwey screen out pea or bigger.
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