Is One Able to Buy a Coal Mouse Over the Web?

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Post Sun. Dec. 07, 2008 11:14 am


My parents just purchased an alaska coal stove that needs the coal mouse to start the fire. Problem is, all coal dealers seem to be on backorder. Anyone know of a website that sells them? I heard it is difficult since these devices are considered explosives.


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Save your money don't buy a coal mouse from the net or anyone else. Go out and buy a bag of cowboy charcoal (lump charcoal) and I am not talking about charcoal briquettes. The bag of cowboy charcoal will last a few years and can be had for about $6 or $8 at your local Lowes.

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Post Sun. Dec. 07, 2008 11:30 am

there was a business on Ebay or somewhere selling them. ? can't remember. But, I think you can buy them online, they just have to ship UPS ground I believe.

You can use matchlight type charcoal also, that what a lot of us use. I break it up in to smaller chunks, wrap some schredded paper in with it, some coal and roll it with newspaper into a small ball/bag. Put it on the grate, with some coal on top, and light it.

More info on starting.
Alternatives for Lighting Coal

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Post Mon. Dec. 08, 2008 10:16 am

You might be able to use one of these, or make one out of a tin can. ... y-starter/

Load it with charcoal, stuff the bottom with wadded newspaper and then light it. Seems like a big coffee can would work better in a stove so you could surround it with coal, get it going and then slide the can out.

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