First Coal Fire

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Post Sun. Nov. 30, 2008 9:49 pm

We have an old Glenwood parlor stove in our living room. We use to burn wood in it years ago. I got a half ton of nut coal to try out. Got a fire going this rainy, snowy, upstate NY afternoon and the coal is working out great. In fact it's to hot. Can't wait for some real winter weather, lol.
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Post Sun. Nov. 30, 2008 11:46 pm

I just got back from Owego, NY. Nothing like New York State cold! I'm going back this week to help my neice with some home improvements. I love it up there. I've just recently had my first coal fire, it is totally awesome. I still have to tweak my set up, but this is teaching me how my stove acts burning coal. I can't wait until it's 15 degrees out! I just poked the fire and this matrix of ash collapsed down. I'm seeing how the fire behaves. I'm so used to wood fires in this stove! I couldn't believe the fire was idling fine when I got up this morning- was rarely able to keep a wood fire going overnight. I think I could safely say it would be possible to keep this same fire going indefinitely!
My coal is not uniform in size, but mostly stove, chestnut and pea.
I like the smell of burning anthracite, I'm hearing this really neat crackling when I toss more coal in there, blue ladies, different hues of yellow to red glow-- seeing a lump glowing, the sedimentary lines and striations in the burning coal--- I love it. Releasing 300 million year old sunlight as heat...

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Post Mon. Dec. 01, 2008 3:29 pm

That's the good thing about coal.Long,hot even burns.Not like a wood fire up and down.Good luck and welcome aboard rampage.

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Post Mon. Dec. 01, 2008 4:31 pm

As the cold weather approaches you will really appreciate the benefits of burning coal. Keep warm and keep the coal fire burning!

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