CO Detector Location, Baro/Manual Damper Setup.

Modern and vintage hand fired coal stove are similar to a wood stove and in some cases can burn either. They need to be regulated and fed by hand usually every 12 to 24 hours depending on your usage. They require no power to operate making them ideal for rural settings with long power outages.
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Ok, read every post on this topic and still have a couple questions. First off, I'm very new to coal, starting my second season so am still very pink in the middle. I am currently burning a dutchwest airtight coal/wood stove. I haven't had the best of luck, last year my longest burn was about 5 days. I chaulked that up to the stove being a great wood stove, not so great coal stove so this year I was able to get a Chubby, which friends of mine rave about. This is my question; I have burnt wood all my life in both an open fire and stoves and never had a damper. I have a manual damper now which I'm guessing at but have no idea how to regulate. When I install the Chubby I intend on putting a baro damper in as well as a manual and most likely leave the manual open until I figure things out. However, I have one CO detecter about 25 feet from the stove in a hallway on the same floor (I have a typical split level ranch with the larger foundation). Should I install another CO2 detecter closer to the stove or am I good. Also, anyone with a Chubby, let me know if you have any hints, etc. that will help me out. Thank you, Jeff
P.S. to Dallas, GregL, JPete, Coaledsweat, Richard S., WoodnCoal and everyone else that took the time to post, I read every post completely and knowing that I am a new guy at this I appriciate all your knowledge, thank you for your help and hopefully I can chime in one day

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My CO detector instructions specifically said not to place it too close to the stove. I assume that's to avoid false alarms. So I have one detector about 25 feet away, in the same room as the stove. The second detector is about 17 feet from the stove, in the bedroom, about 3 feet from my head while I sleep. So whatever I am breathing, it is too.
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Looking for a little advice. I am hooking up my dutchwest federal airtight in my second fireplace. So far I am having very good luck with the Chubby except it doesn't throw the heat the dutchwest did, but it stays buring. My dutchwest never had a baro damper and has a huge 8" stove pipe that I had to crush down to about 5-6" just to get it through my damper. I want to install a baro damper but could never fit an 8" in there. Is there any problem with using a reducer to a 6" just outside of the back of the stove and keeping 6" through the baro and up the chimney. I'm not sure if reducing causes an problems or not so any advice would be very much appriciated. Thanks, Jeff

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While on the subject of CO Dectectors...

I know nothing about them except that I know I need one. I noticed that most models plug DIRECTLY into a wall outlet. Since most wall outlets are only 12-18 inches above floor level, is that okay? I guess that maybe I assume that since smoke detectors are mounted high, then CO dectectors should also be high. Am I wrong? Whats the rule of thumb on this?

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It never hurts to have two CO detectors, I'd reccomend it. Placement isn't as important as with a smoke detector. CO mingles with the air very well. 18" off the floor is fine.

Reduce at your own risk. I think they don't recommend it, but I'm guessing as long as you have proper draft it might be OK. You'd have to have a monomometer and have it before the reducer to know. Perhaps more experienced people will chime in with better knowledge.
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I don't know how many states have CO detector regulations, but I can speak to the one in Mass. Here CO detectors are required on each floor that has living space. They need to be within 10 ft of bedroom doors. Thus, if bedrooms are separated, more than one would be required to meet the 10 ft distance on that floor. The fire regulation doesn't specify one in the room of the appliance, except in the case of an unvented propane heater. What is happening is utility companies are requiring them, such as the gas company requiring one over a gas burner/boiler to cover themselves. So putting one in the room with your stove would be wise, but not required here. I've got one in mine, plus one in the next room. The location on the wall or ceiling doesn't matter. As you found, they plug in, and there are plain battery powered as well which can be mounted anywhere. Any electric powered one must have battery backup. CO has roughly the same density as air, so it's not going to automatically rise to the ceiling or hug the floor. It will just mix with the air and follow the air flow. Hope all that makes sense, it's longer than I intended!

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I have mine plugged into an outlet in my furnace room about 4-5 feet away from my coal boiler. I've not had any alarms to date. Here is the model I have:
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I have a CO detector Plug in Digital behind Keystoker and reading 000, I have moved to the other side of the room closer to the ceiling and still nothing (that is a good thing). and I have one mounted on the ceiling in the basement above the LL Hyfire, I have the LL one go off if I open the door too long (10-20 seconds,) it is very sensitive.

And one in the living room and one in the hallway near the bedrooms. Can;t be too careful. 2 are battery and 2 are plug in.
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My daughter is burning coal in a new Harman TLC & a new masonry chimney this year & I guess I instilled safety pretty well with her..........She has FIVE CO detectors in the house!! (3 in the unfinished basement with the stove & 2 upstairs!!! :lol: :lol: :devil: (she has 4 smoke/fire alarms too)
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I have one CO detector mounted on the wall 6 feet from the stove and about 6 feet high on the wall. It actually did alarm a month or so ago because I was stupid and THOUGHT the fire had gone out (which I wanted) but it didn't. I never checked it to see for sure. I instead assumed. It was very warm outside at the time. Luckily, we were here at the time so no harm to any of the animals or anything. I can say that assumption is the mother of all f*ck ups. :oops:
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cant comment on the baro as I don't have one (yet) b ut the way I see it as far as co2 dectors go it cant hurt to have 2 many, I have 2 downstairs (where the stove is) and 3 upstairs.

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