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Modern and vintage hand fired coal stove are similar to a wood stove and in some cases can burn either. They need to be regulated and fed by hand usually every 12 to 24 hours depending on your usage. They require no power to operate making them ideal for rural settings with long power outages.
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Post Tue. Nov. 11, 2008 10:23 pm

My neighbor has been burning wood for years , and is now going to try coal. They bought a TLC 2000. Said they can't seem to get a good coal fire going. So for now , they have been sticking to wood. I'll be going over to give some pointers/advice on burning coal. My stoves are HITZER's. I'm not familiar with the TLC 2000. I've been reading other TLC 2000 post , trying to gather information before going over. Any specific pointers I should know about this stove? Also , I read on another post that the door handle turns to the right for tighter gasket seal. Got to thinking.....that's good for burning coal. But , how about turning it to the left some , creating a loose seal for burning wood? Just a thought. What do you think? Any other TLC 2000 tips out there? Thanks Guy/Gals

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Post Wed. Nov. 12, 2008 9:55 am

Make sure the vents on both sides are in the down position as far as they can go for burning coal. Make sure all gaskets seal good on all 3 doors.Other than that treat it as you would any coal stove. Maybe its just a draft problem or the learning curve for coal. Ex wood burners usually treat coal like their burning wood.
After loading I usually crack open the glass door for a little extra air to prevent blow back till I get the blue ladys.
If your loading from the top make sure its kept free from debris and fines or it will not seal properly.
Regards, Ray

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