Thanks to Everyone for Their Help and Support

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Post Sat. Oct. 11, 2008 7:43 pm

After everyone's advice and help, I finally finished the rehab on my Harman Mark II and it looks great. Today I moved it into the spot where it will be when I fire it up. And after reading everything on chimney's and the proper instillation, I went to Fagers in Lemoyne Pa to order my Chimney and Pipe. The gentleman asked me if I measure the "out" on my stove and I told him I didn't need to because I already know it's a 6". After stating he didn't want to order anything and then have it sit on his shelf because I didn't measure it, I had him call a Harman Rep who said it was a 6". Chalk one up to this forum.
Then when he started to order, I told him I needed a T with a clean out going into the stove. He said "I didn't need one and it calls for an Elbow". Again I had to tell him a little something I learned off of this forum. So he checked and said "you're right". Chalk another one up to this forum. Then I told him I had a Cathederal ceiling and he said it would be better to go out the wall. I told him about how the stove will draft better going through the roof while burning coal. Chalk another one up to this forum. Then he said I needed a cast iron Barametric Damper, and I said I didn't. He insisted I needed one of these and then would have to support the pipes. I perceeded to tell him a little thing and two about what this forum taught me about instillations and he was impressed and agreed that a cast iron would not be any different than any other one. Chalk another one up to this forum.
Bottom line, when walking in, the salesperson seemed aggitated that a "green horn" was coming in to order something that should be done by a pro. I know he thought better after I left.

Thanks to everyone for your support. 1.5 weeks until everything comes in. Hopefully in two weeks I'll have my refab stove up and burning just in time for cold weather! Can't wait to cook some great potato's off the top of it!

Semper Fi

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Post Sun. Oct. 12, 2008 8:32 am


Sounds like the sales person wasn't too on par with things. Don't forget to post the photos.

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Post Sun. Oct. 12, 2008 8:58 am

I must admit to being a "green horn" as well, but thankfully J.C. (coal berner) and I went to look at my stove before I picked it up and he found a few things wrong and we even noticed that they had it put together wrong. I love how these stove places think they are an expert on things when they are not.

I cannot wait till it gets colder and the blue ladies return to my stove again!


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Post Sun. Oct. 12, 2008 12:28 pm

When I first got my coal furnace I told them that I needed a baro.I was told that all I needed was a dampner and that a baro was only for oil furnaces :shock: Good thing I was lurking on this forum.I don't think most salesmen even own coal stoves if you're out of the nepa area.

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