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This forum is great!
This is my "Monticello" stove burning wood last year. It is 2'x2'x3' high. The combustion chamber is about 17" cylindrical. It has two "hoops" that can retain firebrick inside. I'm totally psyched to heat with coal this winter. It has a cast iron ash grate with a shaker inside the bottom door.
I'm looking for coal suppliers in PA as close as possible to me in North Central NJ. I think I'm going to call Kresge Coal and see if they can sell me 1/2 ton at a time. I don't want my old 91 GMC 1/2 pickup to get overloaded. It does have helper coil springs in the back.
If anybody has any coalyards in NE PA they can recommend I would appreciate it very much! The colder it gets the more motivated I'll become I'm sure. I only have 500 sq/ft to heat.
What size coal should I use in this stove?
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I couldn't expand your image, so I can't say much about the stove,, it sounds like it would burn coal OK.

As for coal sources in NE Pa.. look through the various forums on this site, you wil find lots of threads on the topic of recommended coal sources..

Welcome to the forum..

Greg L.

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