Why can't I use lignite in a coal circulator stove?

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Post by DavidSaxon » Mon. Apr. 15, 2024 3:49 pm

I only have lignite available in my area. I used it last winter in the Vogelzang Rancher coal stove and seemed to do fine. I did experience some combustion on occasion when I'd lift a cook plate to check on the inside, but didn't seem threatening.

I'm wanting to get an Ashley Coal Stove Circulator but the manual says I'm not supposed to use lignite coal, as I'm guessing they're referring to its gasses and combustion.

Can I still get this stove and use lignite and not have to worry about it?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!




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Post by warminmn » Mon. Apr. 15, 2024 4:44 pm

There are better stoves to use for coal than either of those. The Hitzer 55 or 81 would work better, almost for sure. If you can find a used Riteway 37 its just as good for lignite but may have to add a hole for a spinner on the door or side. Mine had a hole when i got it. Maybe $2-300 used. Ive used lignite in my Riteway and it did fine and I liked burning it. Im guessing your in ND or nearby, but a call to Hitzer might find you a dealer closer than you think. I know theres one by me that orders them delivered. Like everything else their prices have went up too.

There were some stoves made 100 years ago that would be at sales near you possibly. Those probably would work too. Warm Mornings might, but lignite makes a lot of ash and you'd be real busy rotating the grate in those. I'd probably look for a shaker grate stove. I think the Ashley has a shaker so would work, just not as good as the Hitzer or similar. The Ashley doesnt do real well with anthracite if you ever found some either. The Hitzers mentioned will burn anything you want to throw in them. No Im not the owner of Hitzer, but its my opinion and my answer to your question.

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Post by ShawnLiNy » Tue. Apr. 16, 2024 7:56 pm

Welcome David , search the used market to se what’s available in your area (if it has grates and is capable of burning wood , as warmin suggested look for rocker grates as opposed to slides) post anything you see within traveling distance ( you should visually inspect anything for serious abuse ) lots of brains and experience on this forum for you to get feedback. Gunna be lots of excellent options manufactured in the 80s till present ( aside from the various antiques that will all do nicely) fill out your profile so people can post links of available stoves if local to you. My Waterford is advertised as multi fuel , it can and does burn anything ( haven’t burned peat , but it burns bituminous as well as any other )


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