Hitzer 503 final end season inspection .. hangers for hopper issues

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Post by davidmcbeth3 » Mon. Jun. 19, 2023 1:13 pm

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The hopper has 2 brackets to slide the hopper onto the stove. The stove has 2 1/4" by 1" plate welded on it to accept the hopper...it normally just slides onto these pieces and then it has a 1/2" bolt and nut to further secure the hopper in place.

Very simple. However, the 1/4" by 1" (about 16" long) hanger flats had their end weld fail and the end 1/4th was bending down in a slight arc.

I banged them back up to somewhat being level and then put the hopper back in, needing some TLC with a small sledge to get it to slide into position.

Sooner or later those two hanger flats will need replacement. I looked at it but decided not to do it this year .. looks like some degree of contortionist will be needed given the stove design.

The pic of the hopper above is of a previous hopper that needed replacement..my current hopper is still OK. Just to show the brackets that causes it to hang.

I'll have to get my scope inside to see if the flats were welded top and bottom or only bottom welded. I don't see how one can weld the flat on the topside lol

One can run the 503 without a hopper. So even if a failure of the hopper system occurs, it can still run.

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